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My name is Jennifer Marie Andrews

  • I’m from San Pedro, CA    My sun sign is... Leo     My nickname is... Jenn

  • My favorite word is... YES

  • I wish for... peace within us all!

  • I am thankful for...my family, my health, the beauty of nature…and a loving kiss

  • What gives me peace…nature, meditation, practicing yoga and a great glass of red wine!

  • Three words that describe me are…loving, trustworthy and fun

  • Why I chose yoga… because it brings me closer and closer to my true Self

  • What inspires me most is...  my family, my friends and the truth that there are very good people in this world

  • Three words to describe my teaching style are… passionate, honest, loving

  • I just can’t live without…my peeps, my yoga and my meditation

  • My favorite food is… a fresh pot of beans and salsa

  • For fun I… I try to keep up with my kids on snowboards and wake skates!

  • When I need a little escape close to home I go for… an early morning run to see the frost sparkle like diamonds

  • I’m most scared of… losing the desire to continually learn and grow

My name is Lisa Hass

  • I’m from Carson City, NV     My sun sign is...Taurus

  • My favorite word…changes often

  • I wish for…peace, health, and wealth for everyone

  • I am thankful for…this amazing life experience

  • What gives me peace…nature, meditation, practicing yoga

  • Three words that describe me are…strong, honest, and wise

  • Why I chose yoga…because it brings me into a space of love

  • What inspires me most is…the desire to help others bring complete happiness into their life

  • Three words to describe my teaching style are…organic, kind, loving

  • I just can’t live without…love and breath

  • For fun I … spend time with the people closest to my heart preferably outdoors or soaking in live music

  • When I need a little escape close to home I go for… a hike

  • I’m most scared of…mountain lions

My name is Sally Schuster - Iyengar Certified

  • I’m from Boston, MA

  • My sun sign is... Aries

  • My favorite word is... “behoove”

  • I wish for...world peace

  • I am thankful for...many things

  • Why I chose yoga… it proved to be a great fit for me, past and present

  • What inspires me most is…regular folk as heroes

  • Three words to describe my teaching style are…generous, honest, engaged

  • For fun I…do figure drawing and painting

  • My favorite food is…a yellow peach

  • I’m most scared of…fear

My name is Steve Yochum

  • I'm from right here on the East Slope My sun sign is...Double Dog Dare Gemini

  • My nickname is...Yogi

  • My favorite words are: "It's like this now"

  • I wish for:...Radical Acceptance

  • I am thankful for:...My teachers: Lama Samati Marut, Tim Miller, Baron Baptiste, Ana Forest, Shiva Rea, Rose Marie

  • What gives me peace?..."Give up such distinctions as, I am soandso, but not such and such. Realize you are Everything. Be Purposeless. Just Be Happy." Ashtavraka Gita v. 15.15

  • Three words that describe me are...Dashing, Handsome, and Debonair

  • Why I chose yoga?...Yoga does not make You better THAN others. Yoga makes You better FOR others

  • What inspires me most?...The Yamas and Niyamas.

  • Three words to describe my teaching style are:...Consistency, Discipline, Fun!

  • My favorite food is:...A healthy portion of Dharma and Bodhicitta

  • For fun...Sometimes just for fun, I pretend that everything is fun.

  • When I need a little escape close to home...I stay home

  • I'm most scared of...Sometimes, like Cypher, I wish that I would have taken the blue pill

My name is Beth Ware

  • I’m from . . . Carson City, NV My sun sign is . . .Pisces My nickname is . . . Bethie Poo

  • My favorite word is . . . Weird

  • I wish for . . . happiness, fun times with good people, and adventures

  • I am thankful for . . . a loving family and the bright people in my life

  • What gives me peace . . . being in the water, or a nice glass of wine

  • Three words that describe me are . . . yippee skippee weee (don't try to analyze it)

  • Why I chose yoga...I find yoga has been and is a very powerful healing thing in my own life & it's great fun too. I would like to help introduce others to a pathway that can bring joy, healing or benefit of any sort to their lives. It makes me feel good, so I would like to share that with others.

  • What inspires me most is . . . seeing people overcome or work through the difficulties of life.

  • Three words to describe my teaching style are . . . welcoming, varied, lighthearted.

  • I just can’t live without . . . friends, family and chocolate

  • My favorite food is . . . chocolate and wine (does wine count as food?)

  • For fun I . . . do something physical outdoors, spend time with friends, or going on random miniadventures

  • When I need a little escape close to home I go . . . to my grandma's house

  • I’m most scared of . . . being afraid

My name is Molly Dahl

  • I’m from Fallon, NV
  • My sun sign is… Virgo
  • My  nickname is... Snake

  • My favorite word is actually a phrase... “Lovin’ it all.”

  • I wish for... teenagers to be happy and loved.

  • I’m thankful for... the magic of what my life is and the people in it.

  • What gives me peace... sunshine on my heart, the mountains, and teaching.

  • Three words that describe me are… enthusiastic, self-possessed, and peaceful.

  • Why I chose yoga… to become graceful, outside and in.

  • What inspires me most is… people who go for the gusto in life and live their truth.

  • Three words to describe my teaching style are… chill, focused, expansive.

  • I just can’t live without… the flexibility to allow for change.

  • My favorite food is… summer-time tomato sandwich - Best Food’s mayo on buttermilk bread with salt and pepper!

  • For fun I… hang out with my Sweetheart and my family.

  • When I need a little escape close to home I go for… a soak at Wally’s.

  • I’m most scared of… complacency.

My name is Cindy Webb

  • My nickname is……. Miss Cindy

  • I'm from …….Phoenix, AZ

  • My sun sign is…… Scorpio

  • My favorite word is……. Pizzazz

  • I wish for a unified prayer for peace and sustainability, mindfulness, compassion and love, that all humanity together work to create a world that is fair and free, equal and safe and peace filled for all.

  • I am thankful for … love in my life, my health, freedom, this human experience, and the people who have inspired me to be good

  • What gives me peace……the beauty of nature and the spirit of a small child

  • 3 words that describe me………passionate, playful, curious

  • I just can't live without …..love - sunshine - beauty - freedom

  • My favorite food is a loaded salad

  • For fun I…..put my wings on, go outside and create GIANT bubbles

  • When I need a little escape close to home I go for a power walk in the foothills

  • I'm most scared of …………feeling out of control

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Yoga Sol
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